Paul J. Siegenthaler
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A book to be read by all those who are accountable for the outcome of the integration

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Integrating companies is not rocket science, and yet it requires an ability to deal with significant complexity, manage conflicting priorities, re-think processes, and develop ways of working that will capture the best of what both companies have to bring in terms of know-how and experience. All of this whilst keeping the business on course to deliver its commercial results throughout a period of fundamental change. This calls for high levels of resilience and personal energy and will put every manager's leadership skills to the test.

This book was written for Chief Executives and their direct reports, but also for the many managers who will either be directly involved in the integration programme, or will need to lead a business unit which is impacted by the merger or acquisition.
I wanted to share my experience and give the reader a feel for what lies ahead and an understanding of the areas of complexity that need to be managed to successfully deliver the business case underlying the merger or acquisition.

Integrating two businesses is a new experience and a journey into the unknown for most managers, which explains why up to 80% of mergers fail to deliver the business case they had promised. This book builds on my repeated experience of company integrations and large-scale business transformation programmes, giving you a clear understanding of what has worked well or not so well in other companies, thereby allowing you and your teams to prepare accordingly and make well informed choices.
"This book is a first class reference source for delivering the business case of any merger or acquisition".
Professor Christopher Bones,
Dean, Henley Business School,
University of Reading
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