Paul J. Siegenthaler

Moving on from "strategy" to "implementation"

"In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not."
- Albert Einstein

Thought provoking case studies to give tangible substance to the challenges of M&A 

Since publishing my book which takes a hard look at the sometimes crass reality of post M&A integration, I have been asked by renowned academic institution to participate in the tuition of some of their “strategy implementation” modules, aimed at MBA or Executive MBA students as well as on senior management training courses tailored to the specific needs of companies whose growth strategy includes a merger or acquisitions, or which are about to commence their due diligence or are in the last preparation phases ahead of closing a deal and embarking on their integration journey.

These courses establish the necessary link between the theory with which most participants are familiar from their earlier studies, and how this theory translates in practice, how it can be applied, what the impacts are likely to be, how these are influenced by a company’s specific circumstances and business culture. In a business school environment, the course builds on a real-life business case which is supplemented by the own experience some of the students have recently lived. In the case of tailor-made executive education programmes, the format is built around the specific circumstances of a company, allowing the participants to prepare for their forthcoming integration with an understanding of the possible alternatives, interdependencies, constraints and challenges which will be involved.

To date, I teach at the London School of Economics (LSE Enterprise), Manchester Business School, as well as on the Executive MBA programme of H.E.C. Paris (Hautes Études Commerciales).

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