Paul J. Siegenthaler

Public speaking and company conferences

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”.

Transposing theory and experience into a company's own environment

Companies wishing to improve their management’s awareness and understanding of the challenges underlying a strategy of growth by acquisitions - without resorting to the full academic support of a major business school - occasionally ask me to address their management team on the subject of M&A Implementation as part of the agenda of one of their regular meetings or possibly a management conference, or as in a more interactive workshop format.

In the same way as bespoke business school courses, this allows a tailored approach focused on the company’s own circumstances which is directly relevant to all of the people in the audience, providing an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas and shared learning.
These workshops can take place at various points along the M&A cycle :
The objective of these workshops is to move beyond theory and documented wisdom, to provide the participants with a clear understanding of the tangible steps they can undertake to implement an orderly and successful business integration.
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